Treatment for advanced stage stomach adenocarcinoma

  • What is the best treatment for adenocarcinoma of the stomach? The patient is in an advanced stage.

  • Hi Prajwal,
    There are different options for adenocarcinoma of the stomach which depend on different factors. Some of the available options are:

    1. If there are no distant metastasis and the disease is operable, the patient should undergo surgery followed by adjuvant chemo +/- radiotherapy.
    2. If the tumor is inoperable but the patient is in fit condition, doctors give chemotherapy followed by surgery and chemotherapy again.
    3. If the disease is not operable and the patient's general condition is poor to tolerate surgery, definitive chemo-radiotherapy is recommended.
    4. If the patient has distant metastasis, palliative chemotherapy is advised.

    In case you have any doubts or concerns with respect to the above-mentioned, do let us know!

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