How would I know if I have breast cancer?

  • Hi Kiara,

    In order to diagnose breast cancer, the following measures are taken:

    1. Guidelines recommend annual screening mammography annually at age of 45 years and every other year at 55 years onwards.
    2. The common symptom of breast cancer is lump in the breast which may be noticed while having a shower or during examination by a medical professional. This method is not recommended as a screening tool for breast cancer screening.
    3. The other symptoms include swelling in arm pit, abnormal nipple discharge, nipple inversion, skin changes like redness, orange peel appearance etc.

    In case of any of the above mentioned symptoms please contact a qualified physician.

  • There are international guidelines on breast cancer screening. You can consult your doctor for same once you are 45 years of age if there is no family history of breast cancer.

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