Gleason score 7. Growth possibility?

  • I was diagnosed with prostate cancer a year ago. According to the reports, my Gleason score is 7 (3+4=7). Are there chances growing/spreading further?

  • Hi Shyam,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. As you may know, Gleason’s score is a way to measure and report the level of biological aggressiveness of prostate cancer. A pathologist measures it via a biopsy procedure. If the biopsy showed GS of 7, it means that the cancer has features of moderately aggressive biological behavior and thus a moderate risk of recurrence. Doctors also plan their treatment based upon on Gleason’s score.

    Additionally, serum PSA test is the common test to know the recurrence of prostate cancer on follow-up after treatment. Your treating doctor would guide you on timing and frequency of this test. Alternatively, you can share your medical reports with us on to begin a case or check out for further information.

    Hope this helps. Please keep us updated on your health. Take care!

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