Mastectomy for breast cancer

  • My doctor advised me to get a mastectomy surgery for breast cancer. Can it be avoided? Please advice.

  • Hi Neha,

    Thank you for reaching out to us on the Community. Surgery is considered to be the standard modality of treatment for breast cancer. It can be in the form of breast-conserving surgery (BCS- removal of the tumor with some healthy tissue margin) or mastectomy (total removal of the breast). BCS is most commonly done in early-stage breast cancers whereas mastectomy is preferred for large tumors and T4 locally advanced disease and when there is a contraindication to BCS.

    Having said above, we would like to go through your reports to advise on the treatment plan suggested by your doctor. Your reports (e.g., biopsy, PET, etc.) will give us a good understanding of your case and will help us provide an appropriate treatment plan. Please share your reports on if you decide to go ahead with us.

    Wishing for the best. Take care!

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