Treatment option stage 3 prostate cancer

  • What is the ideal treatment option for a stage 3 prostate cancer patient?

  • Hi Karan,

    Welcome to The Community. Prostate cancer is staged as low risk, intermediate risk, and high risk.

    • For low-risk patient’s surgery with or without radiation is recommended.
    • For intermediate-risk patients, surgery or radiation treatment with short course hormonal therapy is recommended.
    • For high-risk patients, Radiation treatment with long-term hormonal therapy is recommended.
    • For stage IV disease, hormonal therapy, and palliative care are offered.

    Depending on the stage of cancer and other additional patient-centric factors, an ideal treatment plan is charted out for the patient. It's advisable to get a thorough consultation from your oncologist and take this further. Additionally, you can touch base with our oncologists by starting your case on

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