Confusion about cancer in this my question

  • Sir patient is detected cancer (metastasis)in liver. primary detection may be from gallbladder or gastrointestinal from allahabad pathology by fnac ,report on the basis of ct scan multiple hypodense nudular lesion in both lobe of liver and big size is 3.7×2.4 cm in right lobe in segment 5.
    But sir we went to delhi aiims and test of Lft ,Endoscopy,Colonoscopy ca125,cea,ca19.9 and all anc report are normal. in that case Allahabad report of fnac can false. biospsy report is yet to come.

  • Hi Seema,

    If in confusion, get the FNAC report review done in another pathology lab. If primary tumor is not found on Endoscopy or colonoscopy, PET CT scan may be useful.

    In case you want a detailed review of a specific patient please call us at +91 88844 55789 or send us an email at



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